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Choice Calling

Choice is a call to be living our true self. Not playing games, to be vulnerable and let love be our motivation. A call to make a difference in our community for the rest of our lives. Hence to lead authentic lives. To do that, we need to discover ourselves and to accept who we really are as well as of those God has placed in our lives; to be comfortable in our own skin.

Living authentically is not stagnant: it is constantly shifting and taking on new forms. If we truly believe in living an authentic life, then we must continually be learning about ourselves, challenging old beliefs, sorting through our baggage, coming to terms with self and others through reconciliation.

It is about learning to face fears and doubts, to be able to reach deeply within ourselves to find out what makes our heart sing, our spirit soar. It is finding where our authentic self feels the most alive, free and unburdened — and then having the courage to live from this place. It allows us to connect deeply with others because it requires us to be transparent and vulnerable.

Living authentically is also where we cross paths with the Holy Spirit who resides in the inner circle of our blessed lives from which we will encounter a deeper understanding of God’s love. When you live with this kind of self-awareness, decisions are easier because you are free to choose things that move you closer to your values.

You are able to stand in the presence of your imperfections, because you can accept your humanity. You can also embrace your talents and abilities. Authenticity may also require you to make unpopular decisions or to acknowledge aspects of yourself that you’d rather hide away, but in the end it allows you to live a more open, honest, and engaged life.

To know, love and serve you as our motto says. The ‘you’ represents our God and the people He puts in our lives, our family and community. It is a journey of seeking, discovering, accepting and making the best of our lives for the glory of God.

Choice – Living Authentic Lives
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